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About your OAMI Account

Registration for your OAMI account is free. Once you have registered you will have full access to your OAMI account. This means that you will be able to view and monitor your usage, view your statement, make payments (via debit order, credit card or EFT) online, purchase electricity via SMS, receive low credit SMS notifications, and much much more.

Once you have topped up your account the credit token will be automatically delivered to your meter (if you have a prepaid meter). Owning a prepaid meter has never been this easy.

IMPORTANT: You must have an OAMI installed smart meter to make use of the functionality. You must register an account to be able to top up your account. Administration costs may be charged by your provider on transactions. Our sites are designed with the latest technology such as HTML 5 and javascript. If you have an older browser such as Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8 you may have limited functionality on your account. We advise that you download and install a modern browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

The OAMI account service is now also available for Android devices on Google Play. Find "Smart Protea" on Google Play or click on the Google Play icon below:

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Meter reading made easy

"Best of Breed is the title given to the dog who has been judged the best representative specimen of its breed at a conformation show."

In Advanced Metering Infrastructure solutions, Best Of Breed refers to using the best technologies and products in the world to produce an integrated smart metering system.

Best of Breed advantages:

  • Deeper Industry-specific functionality
  • Minimizes potential for software functionality gaps
  • Not locked into a single supplier
  • Best of Breed disadvantages:

  • Greater total cost of ownership for maintaining custom integrations
  • Adds complexity to the IT footprint
  • Further more...

    Best of Breed solutions comes at a cost. We have made the investment to offer the advantages to our clients. Our solution integrates with the best smart meters in the world, like Elster and Landis & Gyr electricity meters, and Sensus water Meters. As new smart meters become available from other vendors, protocol libraries will be added to the growing number of supported smart meters. The Best of Breed principle does not stop with smart meters. The same was done with communication infrastructure, load management equipment, visualisation tools, energy management and billing system integration.

    Please refer to the following documents to read more about the principles of AMI used in this OAMI solution:

  • Eskom Directive on AMI
  • NRS049: AMEU Paper on AMI
  • Zigbee Technology
  • about02

    Services to domestic consumers

    1. Token delivery: Purchase your prepaid electricity token online and we will deliver it to your meter.
    2. Low credit alert: We will send you an SMS when your credit runs low.
    3. Water leak alert: If your water meter is linked to the system, you will get an alert if the consumption does not shut down overnight.
    4. Track your load profile and credit remaining online.
    5. Management tools for Time-Of-Use customers to optimise consumption outside peak periods.

    Services to commercial consumers:

    1. Track demand and energy consumption to reduce costs for demand or time-of-use billing.
    2. Tools for customers to implement load management control devices that react to switchable tariffs.
    Click HERE to see services offered to Utilities, Property Managers & Landlords


    About Us

    Everything you need to know about us

    Power Systems Projects



    OAMI is the brainchild of Power Systems Projects. Power Systems Projects (Pty) Limited was founded in 1994 as a systems house for electricity utilities. Our systems for distribution management, outage management and revenue protection are used by utilities to manage metropolitan electricity networks and hundreds of thousands of consumers. We have introduced the Best-Of-Breed principle into our systems early on with a strong focus on systems integration. Our systems integrate with GE's Smallworld, SAP, MDA, STS and many other industry standards.


    We are constantly researching and developing new technologies to stay on top of current developments. Changes to our systems are also constant to keep on track with consumer needs and changes in the market.

    True Genius

    Our team consists of a dynamic group of people with a variety of skills including electrical engineering, technical design, programming, system analyses, networking, art and much, much more.

    Utilities & Landlords

    What OAMI means for Utilities and Landlords

    project61. Electricity network model with schematic diagram generator depicting substations, panels, transformers, distribution boxes and loads.
    2. Allocation of supply meters, load meters and check meters to panels.
    3. Near- real time monitoring of energy balance on each busbar, creating alerts on energy losses.
    4. Summated consumption reports.
    5. Water network model of pipes and nodes on which water meters can be associated.
    6. Allerts on water consumption descrepancies.
    project61. Token delivery service. The utility can employ any (or many) prepaid vending systems. They can be configured to send the token to OAMI, from where it will be delivered to the meter of the customer. It is a handy tool if the meter has lost communication with the customer panel. The service can be implemented for all clients as an automated service, to specific clients, or for ad-hoc token deliveries via a web interface.
    2. Near real time energy audit on prepaid and credit meter consumption.
    3. Meter reading delivery into billing system.
    4. Automated billing. The utility can implement automated billing on its existing billing system to act on the events triggered by the meter reading delivery subsystem.
    5. Pre-paid or post paid. The utility can offer the option to any client with a smart meter to operate on prepaid or post paid. The credit register of the meter is updated with an integration with the billing system. This makes time-of-use tariffs possible on prepaid customers.
    6. Load management. The utility can implement load management with switchable tariffs, or directly on load switches via credit registers. Customers are encourage to implement demand side management with installed devices that acts on utility tariff switching.
    7. Prepaid water. The utility can link water accounts are linked to the electricity accounts of customers. The utility can set the credit register of the meter.
    This OAMI solution works with any smart meter. We feel that the utility must decide what smart meter must be used. If we do not have a protocol library for the specific meter, we will add it (providing that the meter manufacturer makes the protocol available to us). Protocol libraries have already been added for:
  • Elster A220
  • Elster A230
  • Elster SA230
  • Elster A1140
  • Elster A1700
  • Landis & Gyr Cashpower split prepayment meters
  • Sensus water meters
  • Please Contact Us for more information and a tailor-made solution for your scenario.

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