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Managing agents/Landlords

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  • Financial breakdowns (Income & Expenses, Levy Rolls
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  • Water and Electricity Schematics & Audits
  • Resident management (Low/High credit & usage)
  • Credit Control, Monthly reports and more...
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About your OAMI Account

Registration for your OAMI account is free. Once you have registered you will have full access to your OAMI account. This means that you will be able to view and monitor your usage, view your statement, make payments (via debit order, credit card or EFT) online, purchase electricity via SMS, receive low credit SMS notifications, and much much more. Once you have topped up your account the credit token will be automatically delivered to your meter (if you have a smart prepaid meter).

  • E-wallet accounts: Daily consumptions will be deducted from your available credit on your e-wallet. If you have credit, you will have electricity
  • Prepaid accounts: Once you have topped up your account the credit token will be automatically delivered to your meter (if you have a smart prepaid meter).
  • 10+ methods available to top-up your account.

This service is only available for Protea Metering clients. If you are unsure if you should register on OAMI, please feel free to contact our friendly call centre agents. All our contact details can be viewed at
If you are a property developer, body corporate or managing agent and would like to make use of the OAMI system, please contact our marketing department via

IMPORTANT: You must have an OAMI installed smart meter to make use of the functionality. You must register an account to be able to top up your account. Administration costs may be charged by your provider on transactions. Our sites are designed with the latest technology such as HTML 5 and javascript. If you have an older browser such as Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8 you may have limited functionality on your account. We advise that you download and install a modern browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

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Discover everything about OAMI and the services offered

Meter reading made easy, complete control over accounts & billing, take control over water and electricity usage.

  • 01 Why OAMI and Protea Metering?

    In Advanced Metering Infrastructure solutions, Best Of Breed refers to using the best technologies and products in the world to produce an integrated smart metering system. For years we have been at the forefront of new technology in the utilities industry because we insist on the BEST.
    Advantages of OAMI:
    Deeper Industry-specific functionality
    Full- and partial-scale implementation has a lower total cost per meter<
    Better Asset and Resource Management
    Better Customer Service

  • Token delivery: Purchase your prepaid electricity token online and we will deliver it to your meter or top-up your e-wallet account in one easy step.
    Track your load profile and credit remaining online via the App (for Android) or the Website.
    Low credit alert: We will send you notification when your credit runs low.
    Water leak alert: If your water meter is linked to the system, you will get an alert if the consumption does not shut down overnight.
    Management tools for Time-Of-Use customers to optimise consumption outside peak periods.

  • The specialised OAMI Dashboard provides unmatched functionality as a complete solution for managing agents, building landlords and property developers. Click HERE to view the full list of services.


OAMI Products

The engineers behind the OAMI technology have designed state-of-the-art products that are a world first. These products are physical devices that works along with the latest AI technology which impowers homeowners to take complete control over the electricity consumption in their homes for little to no cost. These products could help homeowners to account for each and every kWh electricity they consume. Depending on the utility provider, the consumer could not only save money but could also be compensated by the utility for generating electricity using a privately owned electricity generating device such as a grid-tied solar system.

These physical products and unqiue software can also help municipal and reseller utilities to implement complicated tariff structures like Time-Of-Use, grid-tied solar systems and owner self-generation. Not to mention the cost savings benefits to the utility company by using the specialised communication network provided by these OAMI products.

There are a myriad of advantages by using these products, but the greatest advantage is that it is a win-win for all parties. It helps utility providers to minimize loss and illegal consumption, and it ensures that the end-user or homeowner is billed fairly.

In short these products are:

The Utility Hub

The Utilities Hub is a small box that can be installed on the Wi-Fi network of an electricity consumer. The aim of the unit is to save electricity costs by making optimal use of the tariff structure.


Meter Communication Modules

These modules make communication to meters effortless and efficient, especially at large complexes, where meter readers have difficulty gaining access or where meter readers are not available.


Voltage sensors

Voltage sensors are wired or wireless components that can be attached to any number of meters, switches or equipment. They constantly monitor, calculate and determine the voltage supply, and provide enough information to ensure the user identify problems as soon as they occur.


For more information about these products, click the link below to view the Products Page:

Products Page

Services for Managing agents, building landlords and property developers

The OAMI platform provides tailor-made information and management tools that is unmatched in the utilities industry. These tools include:
Electricity network model with schematic diagram generator depicting substations, panels, transformers, distribution boxes and loads.
Allocation of supply meters, load meters and check meters to panels.
Summated consumption reports.
Water network model of pipes and nodes on which water meters can be associated.
Allerts on water consumption descrepancies.
Token delivery service. The utility can employ any (or many) prepaid vending systems. They can be configured to send the token to OAMI, from where it will be delivered to the meter of the customer. It is a handy tool if the meter has lost communication with the customer panel. The service can be implemented for all clients as an automated service, to specific clients, or for ad-hoc token deliveries via a web interface.

Near real-time energy audit on prepaid and credit meter consumption.
Meter reading delivery into billing system.
Automated billing. The utility can implement automated billing on its existing billing system to act on the events triggered by the meter reading delivery subsystem.
Prepaid, post-paid or E-wallet billing programs. The utility can offer the option to any client with a smart meter to operate on prepaid, post-paid or e-wallet. The credit register of the meter is updated with an integration with the billing system. This makes time-of-use tariffs possible on prepaid customers. Credit control and debt collection is completely managed and controlled.
Load management. The utility can implement load management with switchable tariffs, or directly on load switches via credit registers. Customers are encourage to implement demand side management with installed devices that acts on utility tariff switching.
Prepaid water. The utility can link water accounts are linked to the electricity accounts of customers. The utility can set the credit register of the meter.

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If you need more information about the OAMI platform our friendly marketing team with gladly arrange a meeting to give you a demonstration and a tailor-made quotation to fit your needs.

Step-by-step video guides

These informative videos tell you everything you need to know. Simply click on one and it will start automatically.

Registering on the OAMI Website - Step-by-step guide

A detailed description of what a Credit wallet is, how to register on OAMI and how to log in to OAMI.

The OAMI Website Explained

A detailed description of all the information on the OAMI website and how the credit wallet works

OAMI - Iwebhusayithi ye-OAMI ichaziwe

Yini i-credit wallet? Ubhalisa kanjani ku-OAMI. Ukungena ngemvume ku-OAMI.

OAMI - Isifundo sezinyathelo ngezinyathelo

Isebenza kanjani i-credit wallet yakho? Ukuphata i-akhawunti yakho ye-OAMI.


A brand new state-of-the-art OAMI Smart App will be launched shortly! Watch this space for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions and the answers. It's easier than you think!

About Protea

Protea Metering has been a market leader in die utilities industry since 1997. Protea Metering strives to be the best in the industry. We aspire to implement a long-term relationship with our customers, based on efficient, prompt and helpful service, and anticipating our customers' needs. To guarantee our quality, we will continually invest in training and education for our workforce and make sure we have the best technological tools to keep us ahead in the industry. By providing quality and ethical service we reach our goals of giving value to the customer and to be an exemplary corporate citizen.

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Protea Metering believes in transparency. We provide clients and landlords with as much information as is relevant for them to manage their accounts.

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Protea Metering has always been the market leader in the utility industry, especially when it comes to technology. We have an engineering team that is constantly researching and developing new technologies in-house.


Protea Metering offers a variety of service options to suit every possible need, which includes everything from Full Metering Service to Billing and Collection Service to Read Only Service.


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